EP. 19: Meet the Creators of The Fintech Book Series⎜#MakerZone

December 2, 2016

"If you're going to be playing seriously in this game - you gotta play with big boys and big girls." - Nicole Anderson (Co-Founder of Fintech Circle Innovate)

Nicole Anderson & Susanne Chisti are some of the smartest women I've met in the fintech game, and WOW, do they have the "hustle" factor! Nicole rushed to her stage keynote 5 minutes after we clicked the off-switch.

Episode 19 features in-depth insights from the two senior business leaders who founded The FINTECH CIRCLE (LinkedIn group with over 17k members). The conversation is super rich and dynamic in terms of the business maturity and guts it takes to create truly new value propositions in banking.

My name is David Bruno and I am head of innovation at the world's largest wealth manager.

Twitter: twitter.com/@SuperDaveBruno
LinkedIn: https://ch.linkedin.com/in/david-bruno

Music By Ryan Little - Star Writings


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