EP.24: How a New FinTech Startup created a 1 Billion Lending Market⎜#MakerZone

January 19, 2017

Think you've got the right stuff to create a Startup? In 2014 Matt Schaffnit was at a holiday party and met the founders of a small online lender. Matt helped grow that business into Lenditapp, which has now processed over 19,000 loan applications and nearly a Billion Dollars in loan value, and are just closing their Series A investment round for several million dollars.

Watch the Maker Zone now and find out the 5 Pivotal Moments That Made Lenditapp Go from $0 to $1B in just a few short years.

After watching this episode, you'll learn a true journey inside what it REALLY takes to succeed in the 2017 world of finance and banking startups.

My name is David Bruno and I am head of innovation at the world's largest wealth manager.

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